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Our Services

Our Services

Services relating to the security of any property, whether movable or immovable, or of any person, in any manner and includes the services of investigation, detection or verification, of any fact or activity

Missing Investigation

Are you looking for someone such as a deadbeat dad, a birth parent, a family member or even a long lost friend? A private investigator can help you find this person.

Corporate Investigation

We offer a wide range of corporate investigations services to meet their varied requirements. Our service portfolio includes employment verification to competitors investigation.

Loyalty Investigation

There are times, when problems start arising in your happy relationship. You become doubtful towards the loyalty of your partner owing to certain signs he/she displays.

Spy Mobile Software

With the high technology, everyone has become so smart and knowledgeable in today's life. As we know that every part of development has merits and demerits.


Finding out the exact truth about your relationship is far better than living with an uncertainty. When you know things are not going right in your relationship.

Undercover Operation

Creative detective is backed by extensive equipment and the latest technology to provide every kind of undercover operations.The video cameras can be easily fitted into a pen, cap, eyeglasses, phones etc.

Security Investigation

Security investigations of all employees, applicants, contractors, and others seeking access to Department of State information and facilities.