Working Nature of Police and Private Detective Agents

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October 30, 2017

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Working Nature of Police and Private Detective Agents

We have all seen police in the movies during a big crime scene and the way they gather clues to discover the culprit. If police track down the culprit, what is the role of a private detective agent? Police are the ones who maintain the law and order of the state. They work as per the instructions of the police department within their jurisdiction. On the other hand, private detectives are authorized professional who can investigate unsolved mysteries and crimes. If you need to know the truth behind a theft, murder or affair, you can contact the best Detective services in Jaipur that can help you with your requirements.

Detective agency in Jaipur

Understanding the difference between police officer and Private detective agents

Educational requirements

Some former police officers become detectives but this is not always the case. You need to go through police training to become a police officer and on the other hand, you need to go through practical training, learn criminal law to work in a Detective company in Jaipur. The educational qualifications of a police officer are different, as they have to complete the degree and enroll in police training academy. Detectives must complete their graduation and gain experience in the investigation to work in a professional company.

The experience

Gaining experience as a police are different from detectives. Detectives have to work as an assistant in a detective company and learn the tricks and tactics to find hidden clues. Over years of experience and exposure, the detectives start to understand the business better. Police officers have to serve in a different department to gain knowledge and experience. Comparatively, it is easy to become a private detective than a police officer.

The Job and work

Police officers have to work as per the instruction of the head but detectives have the freedom to work on their own. They can follow own protocols to get the clues. Police officers have to report to their immediate higher officials before taking any decision but this is not the case with the detectives. Both professional work toward reaching the clues of hidden mysteries and finding the truth about the suspect but the work is done in a different way.

One cannot judge the importance of the profession as both police and detectives play a vital role to keep the society safe. You must learn to differentiate your needs and seek the assistance of the right professional according to the requirements.

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